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Mavis Dracula Soles

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Mavis Dracula-Loughran is the deuteragonist of the Hotel Transylvania series and films. Also, she is the deuteragonist of Hotel Transylvania, And the tritagonist of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. She is the vampire daughter of Count Dracula and Martha of Lubov Castle.

Mavis is a beautiful, slender pale-skinned vampire with shoulder-length jet black hair, bangs hanging over her forehead, and large blue eyes.

She usually wears a short-sleeved turtleneck black dress with long black fingerless gloves, black and red striped tights or leggings, and red Converse shoes. Her makeup or natural features portray her with black lips, lined eyes, and dark eyelids.


Mavis Dracula Soles Personality

Mavis is a headstrong, intelligent, curious, cheerful, and independent vampire who has an attitude but is very sincere and gentle. She wants independence and freedom from her father’s overbearing nature and remains often exasperated with her caretaking. Her dreams are of exploring the world and experiencing all the sights and sounds the world offers. But all that comes true when she meets Jonathan and falls in love with him before discovering that she is human. She also has a caring nature, no matter how dire the circumstances are. For example, when she was in the fake human village her father created, she was worried about the counterfeit humans that were on fire even though they tried to hurt her physically.

In the second film, after becoming a mother, Mavis takes on some of her father’s overprotectiveness and attachment to her son. She takes extreme measures for her safety, rarely leaving her side. And wants to move to California so her son can grow up in a safe environment surrounded by other children like him. However, unlike her father, mavis Dracula’s soles don’t seem to care that Dennis isn’t a full vampire and accepts him for who he is, even in the face of people. Instead, Mavis Dracula’s sole assumes are holding him back from being a hybrid. Although she also seems to want him to be human.

Her Biography

Hotel Transylvania

Early life: In 1894, Mavis was born to Dracula and Martha in Transylvania, Romania. After her mother’s death, she lived alone with her father until she was a little girl. Later, her father moved in with Mavis to live inside the newly built Hotel Transylvania, intending to keep her there forever to ensure her safety from the outside world.

Life in the hotel: Not much remains known about what Mavis did for most of her life while she lived inside the hotel, but it remains known that she grew tired of living in the hotel and wanted to travel and see the world, even wanting to meet humans.

Mavis Dracula soles Meeting Jonathan

As Mavis escorts her Aunt Wanda up the stairs to the hotel lobby, she is knocked off the stairs by a human boy named Jonathan after she accidentally rides a witch’s broom upon realizing the monsters are real. The two look up and gaze into each other’s eyes, instantly having feelings for each other. It is later known as Zing. However, before Mavis can introduce herself, Dracula takes Jonathan away before he can find out that he is human.

Later, Mavis runs into her father again as she tries to get Jonathan out the window. Since Jonathan had remain found out, Dracula takes him back to the hotel and instructs him to play along and keep his human identity a secret. Mavis instantly takes a liking to Johnny when her father tells her that Johnny is almost his age. When Johnny asks how old Mavis is, he is initially shocked to discover that she is 118, but when Dracula nudges her, she remembers her plan to keep her humanity a secret and lies, telling him that she is 121. years.

A knight reports an emergency to Dracula but is too busy to notice Jonathan. Mavis suspects why Dracula won’t handle the crisis, assuming it’s because of Jonathan, but Dracula lies that she has nothing to do with him. Mavis decides to keep him company while Dracula checks out the emergency. Still, Dracula declines so that Jonathan has time to “plan the party,” referring to Jonathan’s false identity as a party planner. Mavis decides that if Jonathan is free, they could hang out, and Dracula tags along. Dracula takes Jonathan to the hotel caves to sneak him out of the hotel.


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