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Clockwise.MD is a full-featured medical practice management software designed to serve startups and agencies. Clockwise.MD provides comprehensive solutions designed for web applications. This online practice management system offers facility scheduling, patient scheduling, discharge management, real-time reporting, and historical reporting in one place.

And online self-scheduling and queue management service provider. The company offers online scheduling and virtual queuing tools used by more than 1,600 urgent care clinics, emergency departments, primary and speciality care clinics, diagnostic testing centres and more to help increase patient satisfaction, improve clinic efficiency and increase patient retention. It is creating a better end-to-end experience for today’s on-demand healthcare consumer by enabling communication technology that engages and empowers patients without increasing the workload for providers.

Clockwise.MD provides online reservation and queue management solutions for the healthcare industry. Features include online login, electronic and text communication and confirmation, lobby management tools, staff dashboards, and marketing and operations reporting. It founds in 2013 and base in Atlanta, Georgia.

What do you like the most about Clockwise?MD?

It’s decent for making same-day reservations and estimating wait times. Patients can call the clinic, and staff can add appointments. There is also online integration for patients to make their reservations. Patients can receive text updates and reminders if they leave a phone number.

What don’t you like about Clockwise?MD?

There are no dating notes, and the system sometimes deletes appointments made too far in the future. It can be faulty in general and fail too often, and this causes big problems as it integrates with the EMR and billing system.

Recommendations for others Considering Clockwise.MD:

It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that makes it easy for patients and medical staff to register and manage urgent care patients. It’s a bit of a hassle to schedule patients further in advance, but it’s still worth it.

What Problems does Clockwise Have?MD Solve and How does it Benefit you?

It helps manage delays and updates patients on wait times but could still use additional features.

Frequent Questions

  • Where is Clockwise?MD headquartered? Clockwise. MD its locates in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • How many funds take Clockwise? Did MD raise to date? Clockwise. MD has raised $1 million.
  • When was the last funding round for Clockwise?MD? Clockwise. MD closed its latest funding round on September 4, 2015, from a Venture – Series Unknown round.
  • Who are Clockwise?MD’s competitors? Alternatives and potential competitors to Clockwise.MD may include Ovia Health, Accurx, and ClearCare.

Clockwisemd Review

Horrible. This software cannot effectively manage a moderate/high volume of mixed patient traffic of walk-ins and reservations. Suppose your ambulatory operation wants an incredibly slow and unresponsive interface, and you want your patients to bombard with baffling text alerts. In that case, this is for you—good idea, not executed well. Look elsewhere.




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