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Hair Loss in Women

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Hair Loss in Women – If your hairline is getting wider, you find bald spots, or you are losing more than 125 hairs per day, you probably suffer from hair loss and need to see a dermatologist. There are some types of hair loss and several possible causes. Although it is very little, you can do to prevent hair loss, you may react to treatment if you see a dermatologist ahead of time.

What is Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss in women is just that – when a woman knowledges significant and unexpected hair loss. Generally, humans lose between 50 and 100 individual hairs per day. Hair loss is part of an average balance: some hair falls out while some grow. When the balance is disrupt, hair loss occurs when the hair falls out and grows less. Therefore, hair loss is different from hair loss. The medical term for hair loss is “alopecia”.

Also, hair grows on nearly all skin exteriors. Also, not the palms of the hands—the soles of the feet, the lips, or the eyelids. And light, fine, short hair is called vellus hair. Terminal/androgenic hair is thicker, dimmer and more prolonged.

What are the Hair Growth Cycles?

Hair goes through three cycles:

The anagen stage (growth phase) can last from two to eight years. This stage generally refers to about 85% to 90% of the hair on the head.

The catagen phase (transition phase) is when the hair follicles shrink and lasts two to three weeks.

The telogen phase (resting phase) lasts two to four months. At the end of this stage, the hair falls out.

Shorter body hair, such as eyelashes, arm and leg hair, and eyebrows, has a short anagen phase for about a month. However, the hair on the scalp can last up to six years or be smooth longer.

What are the kinds of Hair Loss?

There are three: anagen effluvium, telogen effluvium, and FPHL.

Anagen effluvium is produced by drugs that poison a rising hair follicle (such as chemotherapy).

Telogen effluvium is produced by an increase in hair follicles reaching the telogen phase, the stage in which hair falls out.

Androgenetic Alopecia / Female Alopecia / Female Hair Loss (FPHL) / Baldness: This type is the most common. The hair is thinned on the top of the head and the sides.


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