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Everything you Want to see about Permanent Hair Straightening

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Permanent hair straightening treatments are a procedure of chemical hair treatment. Depending on your treatment method, naturally curly or textured hair can be altered to lie flat and lose its curl.

These treatments work for several months and usually last until new hair grows to replace the treated hair for this aim. And these processes are called permanent hair straightening.

The label “permanent hair straightening” can be used to refer to keratin treatments, Japanese thermal straightening, and “permanent” straightening processes.

Home treatments and salon treatments are popular options. This article helps you learn about the pros and cons of this type of hair treatment.

Types of treatments

Several treatments claim to soften hair, and each is based on a different chemical formula and processing method.

Some of these treatments are sold kits you can use at home, while others require salon equipment to work successfully.

Professional permanent straightening

A perm mentions a chemical process that permanently alters the hair sac. Perms are sometimes associated with making curls in hair that don’t naturally have rings, but they can also be used to straighten hair.

Perms are usually complete in a salon appointment that takes a few hours. The cost of a perm can vary contingent on your salon and hair length, and prices typically start around $50.

Stay at home

Chemical relaxer kits can purchase at pharmacies and beauty supply stores. These treatments claim to offer the same fallouts as a salon perm.

Without formal cosmetology training, it won’t be easy to use these kits efficiently. At-home perm options tend to start at about $15.

Keratin Uncurling

Keratin hairs actions and Brazilian straightening refer to a method of treating hair to a smooth texture that lasts 3-5 months.

This method may require multiple salon appointments to complete the application and typically costs upwards of $150.

Japanese thermal straightening

Japanese heat straightening, called an acid perm, is more like a traditional “straight” perm than a keratin treatment.

This process may involve the longest time consumed in a salon chair (5-6 hours). But it also rights to last up to 6 months. It also costs the most, reaching from $200 to $800.

Hair Reattachment

Also called chemical straightening, hair straightening is a process that turns a person’s wavy hair into straight hair. The cost can vary a lot depending on the salon you go toward.

How does it Work?

All permanent hair straightening means using a similar strategy:

A chemical key is practical to your hair, and these chemicals change how your hair’s proteins are configured.

And using perms and Japanese thermal straightening procedures, a neutralizer is apply to the hair. This neutralizer allows your hair to settle into its new shape, forming new bonds between the protein molecules in your hair.

Also, it would help if you waited several hours for the chemical solution to infuse into the hair, apply the neutralizer and comb your hair.

These chemical solutions usually give off pungent odours, and in many cases, it is advisable not to wet your hair or sweat too much in the days after the treatment.

And it means you walk around inhaling the chemicals used to treat your hair and exposing everyone around you.

Side Effects

Hair breaking after a permanent hair straightening treatment is mutual, And the chemical solution damages your hair to make it flat or lose its natural curl.

A side effect of this damage is that your hair can be harder to style and take longer to dry until it grows and new, untreated hair takes its place.

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is also present in most straightening solutions. A 2021 study of hair straightening treatments found levels.


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