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Indoor Flowering Plants Even Beginners Can Easily Keep-Alive

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Indoor Flowering Plants – While nothing beats fun in the sun, know that you can bring that same light energy indoors with low-maintenance indoor flowering plants that will bloom year-round. Further down, you’ll find various colourful and inexpensive options with the most extended flowering times.

But before you start, the general rule is to buy mature plants, not seeds, unless you have a lot of patience and years to wait for them to flower. The exclusion is amaryllis, which will bloom from a bulb in a few months. Also, remember that many flowering houseplants thrive for years with minimal care, while others only shine for a few months before fading. Learn more from our list and choose the plants ready to come to life in your home.

Hoya Fleshy

Hoyas, also recognized as wax plants, should tall on your list if you’re looking for houseplants that are beautiful and easy to grow indoors. These work well in many climates and can handle low light conditions, and Star-shaped waxy buds are a standout feature of this tropical houseplant.

Pink Anthurium

These heart-shaped plants come in various colours, like red, white, pink, or purple. They’re also easy to grow indoors and bloom year-round. They thrive well in indirect light, moist weather, and moist soil. Be careful, though; these beautiful plants are also poisonous if accidentally ingested, so parents and pet owners, beware!


These bright-leaved plants make great additions in the spring when they naturally bloom. The trick to keeping hydrangeas alive is ensuring their soil is moist and placing them in direct sunlight. If both conditions are met, it’s safe to say that these plants will make a beautiful display in your home.


These delicate orchids are not as fragile as they seem. They will bloom for months and can live for years with little care. They favour bright, indirect light (an east or west-facing window is best). Water once a week, pending it drains from the lowest of the pot.

White Poinsettia

Jolly Poinsettias are a holiday favourite, but they bloom for months with proper care. Pick one up almost anywhere on vacation. Choose a plant with small yellow flowers, called cyathia, in the centre, not a plant that sheds pollen, which means it’s past its peak and won’t last the season. Cover your plant when you bring it home, especially if it is in the cold 20s or lower. Water when dry to the trace, and don’t let it sit in the water inside the pot’s foil lid. They are picky about re-blooming, so replace them next year.


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