Mom Beauty Tips

Eyeliner Write For Us

Mom Beauty Tips

Eyeliner Write For Us

Keeping your look as simple as possible is a great idea for summer, and wearing eyeliner without eyeshadow is outstanding.

Eyeliner Get-ups You (3)

If you have brown eyes, choosing a lighter shade of brown eyeliner will help to highlight the lighter shades in your eyes. Blue eyes combine well with gold and rusty-colored eyeliners. Green eyes, on the other hand, work well great with reddish tones.

How to Put on Eyeliner by Yourself

For a perfect winged eye look, gel eyeliners are your best friend.

Pencil eyeliner – If you are wondering how to apply eyeliner for beginners, pencils should be your go-to option. Easy to use, you can quickly smudge it away if things go twisted. Pencil liners are also suitable for the watermark or smoky-eye look.

Here are the steps given below:

Always Start with a Primer

  • You must also prime your eyelids, Just like you prime your face with a mattifying, wet, or pore-filling primer before you go in with your face makeup products.
  • An eyeshadow primer helps generate a smooth and flat surface for your eyeshadows.
  • After that, it also helps to increase the remaining power of your favorite eyeshadow! If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer? Don’t worry.
  • Spot a tiny amount of your foundation or concealer and blend it all over your eyelids.
  • A foundation or concealer is a great way to conceal any redness or darkness on your eyelids, making it match the rest of your face color.
  • Sure, how to pick the right foundation shade that will make your complexion look even? Find your shade match in just a few simple clicks on the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool.
  • Applying foundation or concealer as an eyeshadow primer makes your eyeshadow colors look more vibrant!

Set the Primer with Base Colour

Use the lightest matte eyeshadow shade from the Maybelline City Mini Eyeshadow Palette and apply it all over your eyelid to set your primer and eliminate any stickiness. It will prevent your eyeshadows from creasing on your eyelid. You can use a flat, stiff brush. If you want to add some natural-looking color to your eyeshadow base instead, go in with a soft pink or blush shade from the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette. If you aren’t used to applying eyeshadow with a flat brush just yet, you can use your finger to pick up the eyeshadow and gently press it all over your eyelid as well.

Highlight your Inner Corner and Brow Bone

Use the lightest shade from the eyeshadow palette and run it just below the arch of your eyebrow to make your brows look clean and sharp. Use a pale gold or champagne shimmer eyeshadow and apply it using a small and compact brush to the inner corner, close to the tear duct. It makes your eyes look bright, relaxed, and wide open. You can also use a cream, powder, or liquid face highlighter instead of a shimmery eyeshadow to achieve the same effect.

Finish the Rest of your Eye Makeup

Finally, we have arrived at the last step of the eyeshadow guide! Take your eye makeup look to the next level by defining your waterline with a kajal, outlining your lash line with eyeliner, and getting long and fluttery lashes with a lavish coat of mascara.

So, do not go overboard with these three products to keep your makeup looking slight and effortless.

Continue the rest of your face and lip makeup as usual, and there you have it! Everyday eye makeup for beginners in just easy-to-follow steps!