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Dream Weaver Hair- 100% Human Hair Extension

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Dream Weaver Hair is America’s best 100% human hair weave in various lengths and colors. Enjoy the quality and density professionals have come to love. Dream Weaver can be used for sleek sew-ins, quick weaves, ponytails, and more!

Dream Weaver Hair is made from individual hair strands that were handpicked and fully sewn with double weft Yaky on a cap. For measurement of Yaky Cap, measure the hair from the crown to the tip

Dream Weaver Description

Dream Weaver is a premium human hair carefully selected to excel at all human hair characteristics.

100% Human Hair, Create your own beautiful short & sassy styles with Model Model MM 27 PCS Human Hair weave

Goals of Dream Weaver Hair

At Dreamweaver Hair Extensions, we aim not only to offer the highest quality hair on the market but also to provide the stylist who buys from us with the best possible experience and ongoing support throughout their extension career. In addition, our goal is to build lasting relationships and provide excellent customer service on a personal level.

DW hair is European Cuticle Hair, meaning the hair cuticle is intact and in its natural direction. This offers the best opportunity to mimic natural hair and ensure the longevity your clients desire.

Dream Weaver Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are equally used to add length and add volume. But they also serve to give nuances of color to the mane. They are ideal for women with thin or slightly thick hair and those who have cut their hair and are essential to regain some length.

But when we are faced with hair extensions for the first time. We may have a lot of questions about what kind of extensions to choose, how to care for them, and how they will disturb the health of our hair. So here we try to solve them.

Types of Hair Extensions

First of all, it prompts us that we will find synthetic and natural hair extensions with notable price differences. But the first conclusion we must reach is if we want safe or temporary extensions. Depending on this, we can find removable, semi-permanent, or permanent extensions. These are the most common types:

Clip-In Extensions

They are temporary hair extensions usually used to enhance hairstyles and achieve the necessary volume. For this reason, many women resort to this type of removable hair extension, which allows us to gain the length and density of hair at certain times and immediately. For this reason, they are placed before styling and removed at the end of the day when we go to bed. That is why it is common for many to go to the hairdresser with their hairpiece or have it at home to put it on.

Self-Adhesive Extensions

Also known as “tape,” they are semi-permanent and self-adhesive extensions that are very easy to apply. Lasting up to three months and reusable (up to three times), they penetrate thin, horizontal strands of hair.

They have the advantage that the supplied adhesive tape for fixing the hair does not disturb the hair and allows perfect integration of the strands. In addition, they are cool to install, even for non-professionals. The key is to place them horizontally and parallel so they adhere well to the hair and are never at an angle.

Keratin Extensions

When we talk about static extensions, we refer to this system that uses keratin as an adhesive to place the strands as close as possible to the hairline. A sufficient amount of hair is selected to support the weight of the hairpiece without damaging the hair. Therefore, this type of fixed extension must be installed by an experienced professional.

To apply for the keratin extensions, a heat gun melts the glue of each false strand on the natural hair. You can add as many strands as needed to achieve the desired volume.

Support Extensions

It’s those dots with little pieces of metal that hold each thread. These clips are fixed with the help of special pliers and removed from the hair. There are also techniques such as the ‘micro ring’ or the ‘micro loop’ that are placed on the lock of hair using a plastic loop that allows the hair to be ‘threaded.’

Sewn Extensions

This type of extension is characterized by being placed on the hair utilizing a horizontal braid of natural hair. A kind of curtain serves as a support, which is integrated into the wild hair through this braid. This type of extension is reset approximately every 15 days.

How to Care for Extensions

If we talk about semi-permanent and permanent extensions, it is necessary to visit the beauty salon every two months (at least) to check their condition and perform maintenance. Each type of extension needs special care. But it is recommended to brush the hair twice a day to detangle it and keep the roots clean. It is important to side-step brushing wet hair as much as possible and waits for it to dry before detangling it.

This daily brushing of the extensions should be done with a soft brush that does not break the hair or the joints. It would help if you brush from the bottom up, first towards the ends, then towards the center, and then towards the roots.

To wash the hair, it is advisable to untangle the extensions. Likewise, it is ideal to use a specific shampoo (especially when it comes to keratin) and massage the hair from top to bottom, never in the opposite direction. In addition, it is important to soften them with a mask every wash to facilitate detangling. Finally, it is suggested to use a leave-in mask on clean, damp hair.

Can they Damage the Hair?

Although it largely depends on the extensions’ quality and the professional’s hand, clip-on and adhesive attachments present the least risks. But this is where expert judgment comes in, depending on the type of hair and the conditions in which it starts.

If the extensions are applied incorrectly or on hair unsuitable for the technology. They are likely to damage and weaken the hair root, leading to hair loss.

Types of Wigs and Colors

All Types of Wigs, including 100% Human Hair Wig, Synthetic Wigs, Human Hair Blend Wigs, Natural Wigs, Unprocessed Brazilian Bundle Wigs, Remy Human Hair Wigs, Virgin Remy Wigs, Invisible Part Wigs. Model Remy Dreamweaver Human Hair Extensions, Various Colors, and Lengths


Likewise, poor care of the extensions can have serious consequences for the health of our hair. For this reason, before committing to a particular technique. It is advisable to analyze the maintenance costs to assess whether it is worth it.

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