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7 Ways to Dye your Green Hair Colour?

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Green Hair Colour- These days, the boundaries of hairstyle ideas are pushed further and further, especially with colour. Colour experimentation is at its peak, and pencil shades are becoming just as popular as classic hair colours like brown and blonde. Among other shades of the rainbow, green hair is on the rise.

Green hair is full of complex shades, from toxic neon Green Hair Colour to dark forest green and pastel mint hues. Are you intrigued to see them all? Then, check out these 7 Green Hair Colour-infused hairstyles that will have you running to the salon!

Best Green Hair Color Ideas

Green highlights on a natural colour base, a bright green gradient, or an all-green hair dye? You will find inspiration for all the best greens and complementary colours used in hair to create a fresh new hairstyle!

1. Beautifully Braided Mermaid Hair

Nothing shows off deep blue and green hair colours like an intricately braided mane. Also, crown your jade mane with six braids that come together at the back of your head and cascade down into a beautiful fishtail braid. You will turn heads with this mermaid hairstyle!

2. Choose a Forest Green Colour, Boo

Try Manic Panic Green Envy Semi-Permanent Hair Color for a darker shade like this. If you’re not ready for full-blown green, go for the mid tones and throw some colour on the bottom half of your head. Of course, when your hair is completely down, it will only expose hints of colour, but you can still rock your dyed green hair colour in a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

3. Electric Green and Blue Tones

A bright shade of green that gently transitions to a darker navy blue is pure art! And it’s completed with 90s butterfly clips. This hairstyle is both edgy and edgy. Remember, you must start with light blonde or bleached hair to achieve light green tones like this.

4. Green Silver Coins

E-girl hair colour is enormous right now, and getting subtle forest green silver pieces is a great way to cash in on the tendency. The upside is that your semi-permanent green is low-maintenance and fades into faded blonde bangs, which is the heart of the style.

5. Jewel Tone Bob

It shines like a diamond, eh, emerald. So take a page from her favourite piece of jewellery and colour her hair a beautiful shade of emerald green. Not only is this shade bold, but its deep tone also has a natural sophistication that will suit you perfectly.

6. 50 Shades of Green

If you poverty to go green, go big and try multiple shades. Splash your hair with forest green, emerald and bright lime colours, and you’ll look full of life and dimension.

7. Lovely Dark Green with Reflections

Nothing shows off a gorgeous dark forest green hair colour like a braid. This cute braided style is perfect for you if you have thick, textured hair. Create a Dutch braid at the back of your head and pull it up to make it complete and voluminous. Try Arctic Fox Phantom Green hair colour to achieve this kind of shade.


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