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Best Primer for Acne Prone Skin – Types and More in 2022

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About Best Primer for Acne Prone Skin

Best Primer for Acne Prone Skin is a foundation that smooths your skin and gives you an even skin tone. Controls acne, covers large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, and controls excess oil. The best foundation for acne-prone skin doesn’t clog pores or break out the skin but instead provides a matte foundation. Absorbs excess oil and preserves a flawless makeup finish.

A primer is usually applied before foundation, tinted moisturizer, and enhanced makeup coverage. Primer can also be another moisturizer. Applying makeup directly to oily or acne-prone skin can melt or dull makeup. In addition, oily skin or acne-prone skin can make you look greasy, leading to breakouts. Therefore, applying the primer is necessary before applying makeup to the skin.

However, choosing the ideal primer for acne-prone skin can be difficult when so many products are on the market. So check out our list of the ten best primers for acne prone skin that will eliminate unwanted shine and make makeup application easier.

How To Select The Right Primer For Acne-Prone Skin?

How To Select The Right Primer For Acne-Prone Skin

Here are some attentions to keep when choosing a foundation for acne-prone skin.


Since acne is usually caused by excessive oil secretion and pore-clogging, an oil-free foundation is ideal. Oil-based foundations can clog pores and make your face look shiny.


Choosing a foundation that’s light on your skin is a good idea, as a heavy formula attracts dirt and traps bacteria more easily. In addition, a light foundation minimizes redness, provides sun protection, and hydrates.


The skin is likely to practice a breakout if the ingredients are sticky. Ingredients like charcoal and tea tree oil help remove impurities to unclog pores and offer antibacterial properties to protect the skin.


If your skin is complex and acne-prone, you should avoid using primers that contain silicones. These act like chewing gum that adheres to any comedogenic ingredients in your makeup products to the skin. This makes breakouts worse.

Water-Based Formula:

Water-based primers easily absorb the skin and won’t coat or clog pores. They may not last as long as oil-based primers, but they are safer for acne-prone skin.

5 Best Primers For Acne Prone Skin

If you want to perfect your makeup routine and give your face a professional and flawless look, a primer is a must-have item in your beauty kit. A primer is a perfect base for light or heavy makeup. It helps foundation set and cover blemishes, scars, open pores, and other skin imperfections, leaving the face with a smooth, clear, matte finish. But if you have complex, acne-prone skin, primers can cause your pores to clog and break out. As a result, excessively oily skin can appear bright and shiny.

Therefore, finding a foundation that works best for sensitive acne-prone skin is important to do its job successfully without causing damage. Please choose from our top five recommended primers for acne-prone skin and get one for yourself.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

Lakme Absolute offers a perfectly blendable, waterproof primer that forms the perfect base for a professional makeup look. It helps makeup last longer while minimizing the appearance of imperfections on the face. The primer gives skin a soft glow while hiding pores and blemishes. The creamy feel of the silky formula blends easily and instantly brightens the face with a perfect matte finish. It is also measured as one of India’s best foundations for makeup.

Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer

Blue Heaven Primer’s clear formula enhances makeup when worn under foundation. It is also a great base for blushes and eye shadows. The non-greasy method is oil-free and suitable for normal skin. It contains vitamins and silicones that smooth the skin’s texture and calm the face. The primer glides on simply with a mattifying effect, leaving makeup looking fresh for hours.

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer

If you’re looking for a solution to help your foundation last longer, L’Oreal Base Magique Primer for Pores is for you. Reduces shine and bounces the face a matte finish. This moisturizing formula creates a mask for enlarged pores and wrinkles. In addition, it protects skin with a flawless, silky, lightweight finish and helps makeup last longer.

Lotus Makeup EcostayInsta Smooth Perfecting Primer

Lotus Perfecting Gel Face Primer is a lightweight, oil-free, gel-based formula. It helps minimize the appearance of acne scars, pigment spots, and enlarged pores and gives skin an even tone. The non-comedogenic formula is enriched with vitamin E and rich in antioxidants that fight the signs of aging. The 100% vegan formula protects skin from sun damage and provides a smooth, matte finish. This primer ensures that the makeup lasts longer.

Jolie Oil-Free Mattifying Primer

If you consume oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin, The Jolie Primer is an oil-free formula that works best on this skin type. It is formulated with peptides that even skin tone and cover scars and imperfections. Paraben and fragrance-free, the formula absorbs easily and leaves skin with a smooth, matte finish all day.

Do Primers Cause Breakouts?

Foundations that contain silicone can clog skin pores and cause breakouts, especially on sensitive skin. However, non-comedogenic primers are also available. Some primers can control the skin’s sebum or oil production, thus controlling acne.

Is Primer Good for Daily Use?

If you wear makeup every day, it is acceptable to use a primer daily. But without makeup, it is better to use a BB cream or moisturizer instead of a primer.


Acne Prone Skin has issues like whiteheads, scars, and blackheads, making it difficult to apply makeup to achieve your desired look. However, primers for acne-prone skin can help unclog pores, reduce blemishes, and prevent clogging. Before choosing, ensure the primer contains all the necessary ingredients to work well on your skin and improve its texture. Avoid products with harsh chemicals to avoid irritation. We hope our list of the best primers for acne prone skin can help you analyze the available products and their properties.

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