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Botanics Skin Care – Formulations, Heritage, History and More

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About Botanics Skin Care

Botanics Skin Care, at Botanics believes in the power of plants for their holistic benefits to improve more than just your skin.

Our journey of bringing you effective plant-based products began in 1995 in the heart of the UK. We search for the most effective botanical extracts to address specific skin needs and source these extracts sustainably from around the world. Formulate with plant extracts and natural and organic ingredients, our beauty products are designed to be effective while staying true to our philosophy inspired by nature. Botanists believe that plant-based beauty products shouldn’t cost the earth anything, and neither does ours.

Botanics Formulations

We take pride in the efficacy and ethics of our formulas and take steps to reduce our impact on the environment at every phase of our product’s journey.

We use effective plant extracts that are sustainably source from around the world. Our products are expressed without parabens, phthalates, SLS, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, TEA, and formaldehyde donors.

Botanics Heritage

Since 1995 we have used the power of nature in everything we do. From day one, we were the exception, the rule breaker. Unlike others, we supposed in the power of plants and that herbal products shouldn’t cost the earth anything. That’s why we’ve been striving to do better for 25 years. To be better. We are unearthing the most powerful extracts and creating innovative, natural solutions that work.

From the first natural bulk ranges for children to the first biodegradable wipes, we strive to stay one stage ahead. For you, your skin, and the world everywhere us.

Botanics History

In the Year 1995:

Botanics launched four skin care products that use scientifically formulated natural extracts to provide the most effective natural skin care products. After two years of development, this range, developed for plant-conscious consumers, combines sophisticated high-tech formulations with the most effective natural ingredients.

In the Year 1998:

We cover five categories, from skincare/body care and hair care to bath and deodorant.

In the Year 2000:

Botanics was relaunch in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. The Pure Power of Plants brand products contained pure plant extracts combined with scientifically proven formulations, resulting in a powerful range with real benefits.

In the Year 2002:

The Botanics campaign focuses on the concept of wellness and the mind-body relationship, harnessing the power of nature and science and drawing inspiration from Mother Nature.

In the Year 2005:

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew assessed all the plant extracts we use to ensure they are free of toxic chemicals and provide the skin benefits consumers seek.

In the Year 2006:

The entire Botanics range was relaunch with redesign color-coded packaging.

In the Year 2007:

Botanics partnered with the Carbon Trust and reduced the carbon footprint of its hair care line by 20%. In addition, we launched our organic range with at least 80% certified organic ingredients and relaunched our facial tissues with biodegradable and compostable fibers.

In the Year 2008:

We launch our Baby range – ‘the natural choice for you and your baby.’ All products are gentle and gentle, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and packed with active plant extracts and naturally derived ingredients. All Botanics hairbrushes are made from FSC-certified wood. We have also launched a gift set without acetate made from recycled cardboard.

In the Year 2009:

Botanics has added organic cotton to its range. However, Fairtrade is made entirely from cotton grown using traditional type that promote the conservation of wildlife and natural resources.

In the Year 2013:

Green Tick study was conduct to reduce the environmental impact of Botanics products and make improvements to all product routes. 25% PCR on average across all Botanics skincare packaging.

In the Year 2017:

We introduce sustainability requirements for palm oil, pulp, and paper. We have also verified with our suppliers a level of traceability in all areas, including full provenance, certification levels, and management.

In the Year 2018:

Patented credentials on Botanics package with vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable commitment, and formulated without parabens on all packages.

In the Year 2019:

The aromatherapy range is relaunch with the first 100% PCR bottle from Botanics. We have also launched our men’s range in 55% PCR packaging without all the secondary packaging.

In the Year 2020:

Botanics received Cruelty-Free International certification and celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The future:

Strive to DISCOVER better for years to come.

Botanics Natural Ingredients

Botanics Natural Ingredients

Plant extracts are at the heart of every Botanics product. But what are they? They are everything from antioxidants to oils that, when used correctly, can do wonders for our skin, treating everything from pigmentation to blackheads. It has been use for centuries and has proven effective in treating, repairing, and revitalizing the skin.

Types of Botanics Skin Care

Organic Skin Care

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A, omega 3, 6, and essential fatty acids. All important skin ingredients for a healthy complexion. In addition, it is known to have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin, decreasing the signs of aging and helping to nourish and soothe the skin. Our 100% organic rosehip oil is harvest in Chile and Eastern Europe and has been shown to affect the complexion positively.

Brightening Skin Care

The exfoliating floral acids surrounding the hibiscus seed pods are rich in AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) that help gently refine the skin’s surface to improve its touch and tone. An ideal abstract when it comes to effectively treating both rough skin tone and dullness.

Dehydrated and Stressed Skin

At Botanics, we understand that current and busy lifestyles can lead to high-stress levels, damaging your skin. Since pressure is a part of life, how you handle it is important. We trust in the power of plants to care for you throughout your daily routine, so we produced the Botanics Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil variety to combat the signs of stressed skin, leaving your skin calm, soothed, and hydrated.

Uneven Skin Tone

Each product is specifically formulate to shield and protect your complexion from environmental stressors. In addition, each product helps prevent skin imbalances and keeps skin looking healthy and glowing with its post-biotic and probiotic benefits.


The addition of botanicals in skin care products is becoming increasingly popular. The potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits may be beneficial in several conditions dermatologists routinely treat, including rosacea, photo aging, and skin cancer.

The publish efficacy of prescription retinoids is well known, but so is the irritation and redness often cause by the initiation of therapy. Botanicals may help decrease such inflammation. This is only of the finest and most applied reasons to include botanicals in skin care procedures. Dermatologists must be aware of these products and be able to chat about their uses and potential benefits with their patients.

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