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How to Reduce Thigh Fat? Try these Seven Exercises

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How to reduce thigh fat? You must perform these seven exercises regularly to lose fat and tone your thighs.

Summer is the time to get those shorts, skirts and dresses out of the closet and show them off! If a beach vacation is coming up, your swimsuit is probably your favourite outfit. If you know some heavy reduce thigh fat, let us tell you how to reduce thigh fat.


Reduce thigh fat also you should know that women have more body fat in the hips and thighs than men, which means that while some women can lose thigh fat by reducing their overall body weight, others cannot. Yes, we know that spot fat reduction rarely happens, but here are some exercises to help you lose weight in your thighs.


Here are Seven Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat:


Here’s how to run it:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Save your chest up and your eyes straight as you squeeze your core. Sit in a chair with your knees bent and your hips back. Your starting stance when your thighs are parallel to the floor. When you return to the starting position, slightly raise your arms.

2. Slots

Place your hand on your waist or your attitude in the prayer position. Bring your left leg forward, with your toes facing forward. Lower your upper body till your left thigh and calf form a 90-degree angle. After 3 seconds of holding the position, return to the starting position. Repeat.

3. Burpees

Here’s how to run it:

Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor. Squat down and place your hands between your legs on the floor. To get into a pushup position, kick your legs behind your back. Lower yourself into a pushup, then push yourself back up. Squat down and move your feet forward, close to your hands. Jump straight into the air with your arms extended above your head. To complete one rep, stand up.

4. Fly Jumps

Keep your back straight and your feet composed. Brand a straight line with your shoulders by opening your hands in a side position. Also, feast your legs and place your hands in front of you, bringing your palms together. Jump again, closing your legs. Bring your hands back to a straight position with your shoulder.

5. Leg Raises

Here’s how to run it:

Stretch your legs on the floor. Curve the knee of your left leg and place your foot flat on the floor. Raise your right leg to the height of the opposite knee, keeping it straight. Lower it carefully to the ground. Do the same with the other leg.

6. Butterfly Stretch

Sit on a mat or a soft advert on the floor. Start by straightening your legs and uncurling your back. And curve both knees in the shape of a flying butterfly. Then, as close as possible, move your feet toward your pelvic region and bring them closer together by getting your hands together. Inhale and exhale slowly, pressing your thighs and knees into the mat. Take a cue from this position and start swinging both legs up and down like butterfly wings. To return to the starting point, keep your spine straight as you perform the pose and straighten your legs.

7. Plank

It is how you do it:

Get into a pushup position, but curve your elbows, so your weight is supported by your forearms. Keep your core, glutes engaged, and your body straight from head to heels. And grip the pose for as long as possible.


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