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10 Best Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women – 2023

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Purple hair color was once the domain of punk and emo subcultures, angsty teenagers worldwide. Now it has developed one of the most coveted hair shades this year. Purple has been the go-to look for every level of celebrity. And everyone from your iconic Instagram influencer to festival vloggers to reality TV royal sensations have tried purple hair, giving her the general approval.

But what about this look has people booking their colour dates in droves? Check out these purple highlights to find out exactly why (as if we didn’t know, looking at those killer photos below) it’s the biggest and best OG hue in the colour blast of the unicorn. Keep reading:


Purple Hair Ideas – 10 Looks to Inspire You

Find hair colour ideas for every shade of purple hairstyle, from light blue shades to bright purple hues!

1.Long Dark Purple Ombre Hair

An ombre colour job with dark purple hair that lightens into an ashy rainbow is a fabulous way to achieve two trends in one.

2. Silver Purple Hair Highlights

Pastel purple hair, like this beautiful silver lilac version, is another popular way to wear the look if you like lighter shades. You are obsessed with the gas puddle effect!

3. Peacock Multicolored Short Purple Hair Highlights

A mix of jewel tones (blue and purple hair mixed with dark emerald green) creates a glorious peacock-inspired hue that’s dark and sexy.

4. Purple Tropical Hairstyles

This magenta hair colour creation is ideal for those with warm undertones, and bold grape tones mingle with plum hair colour and a bit of passion fruit orange for a rich, juicy hue. And it is perfect if you poverty a purple hairstyle with some variations.

5. Lilac Highlights on Blonde Hair

Another iteration of silvery purple hair with lilac hair colour creates a more nymphet-like vibe, thanks to platinum hues and a delicate floral crown. This shade of pastel purple hair is simply magical.

6. Cosmic Blue Purple Hair

The darker cosmic purple hair transitions from a bright shade to a deep purple and ends with blue and purple highlights at the ends. This purple-blue hair combo is stunning!

7. Bright Purple to Pastel Purple Hair

Cool undertones shine against this light violet-blue hue. Dusty pink and mauve highlights add dimension to this pastel purple hair winner.

8. Purple Violet Ombre Hair

Can it get any prettier (or delightfully feminine) than that? Excellent violet blends into soft pink and ends in sparkling orchid highlights. Also, pink and purple fairy anime hair is the ultimate #goal.

9. Griolet Purple Gray Hair

This dirtier look flips the script with the purple hair colour – there’s a lot more grey at play with this purple-black shade of hair (primarily predominant at the roots), which also takes on a silver hue at the tips. Give your purple grey hair an extra healthy, shiny finish with a little infusion of natural rose and almond oils from Love Beauty and Planet.

10. Blonde Hair with Purple

Add another winner in the blonde and purple hair category! This neatly stacked bob, done with peek-a-boo purple highlights, is a thoughtful update to your usual short hairstyle.



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