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Plus Size 70s Fashion – Type of Fashions in the 70s Era

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Plus Size 70s Fashion

Plus Size 70s Fashion clothing is not as easy to find as that from other eras – such as the 1950s, especially rockabilly dresses – it is out there. However, depending upon what you want, you may need to be prepared to do some sewing or have it done.

What Defined Plus Size 70s Fashion?

What Defined Plus Size 70s Fashion?

Popular styles included flared pants, frayed jeans, midi skirts, long dresses, tie-dyes, peasant blouses, and shawls. Some accessories that will help you combine your early 70s hippie outfits are necklaces, headbands, scarves, and jewelry prepared of wood, stones, feathers, and beads.

What was Women’s Fashion in the 70s?

Popular early 1970s fashions for women included tie-dye shirts, Mexican “peasant” blouses, embroidered Hungarian blouses with folk embroidery, ponchos, capes, and surplus military clothing. Women’s cheap dresses at this time included flared pants, gauchos, frayed jeans, midi skirts, and ankle-length dresses.

What Should I Wear to a 70’s Theme Party?

For those wondering what to wear to a 70s party, we suggest wearing an earthy brown vest, a groovy green button-up, a tie, and matching pants. Of course, the bedazzled belt and the oversized sunnies are a must if you’re channeling your inner John Travolta.

What is the Style of the 70s Called?

70s disco fashion style comprises fancy clothes made from synthetic materials, such as jersey wrap dresses and knee-length dresses with a cinched waist. Moreover, cinched waist dresses were fabulous for all body shapes and sizes and could be worn daily at the office and to nightclubs and discos at night.

Look Back at the Greatest 1970s Fashion Moments

The ’70s stood out as a stylish decade thanks partly to its emphasis on tailored silhouettes, comfort in Style, and the Halston effect. Dresses made by the legendary designer stand out for his keen sense of simplicity and languorous fabrications, including ultra-suede and cashmere. The 70s was almost the woman wearing the clothes, not the other way around.

From flared pants and sleeves to shearling coats and miniskirts, the Era has spawned an eclectic mix of style influences that has evolved over the past decade. Fashion icons like Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger contributed to the rise of disco music and an unabashed embrace of glamour. Take some of the looks that helped define the decade’s Style and continue to inspire today.

Plus Size 70s Fashion Clothing Options

Although the popularity of a few select items, such as halter jumpsuits and platform heels, modern reproductions of 1970s day and evening wear are not a major industry. Women who want a vintage and retro styles are still gravitating mostly towards the styles of the 1940s and 1950s. There is a taste for some aspects of 1930s clothing, especially in evening wear, and the fame of the TV show Mad Men has spawned a resurgence of interest in 1960s clothing. Wearable 1970s fashions are not being made – when you see someone wearing 1970s clothes. The most likely either found them in a vintage shop or sewed them from a vintage or reproduction pattern.

You can find costumes, and many of these can be of good quality – although they are likely best used for club wear. Additionally, there are plenty of patterns available. Having something made is often the best way of assuring you have something that works on your body and is exactly what you want.

1970s Costumes

  • Even when searching for costumes, plus size 70s reproduction clothing is limited. However, you can find a few cute things at Anytime Costumes. They have a black and gold disco dress in a swing style with a black sash that fits up to a size 22. It falls just beyond the knee and has a flattering draped bust in a sweetheart neckline and open cap sleeves.
  • You can also get a “disco diva” dress that seriously lets you get your psychedelic on. This is a cute and sexy black and silver mini dress in a swirly pattern. It’s made of polyester and trimmed with sequins. It’s got long sleeves that flare from the elbows, a scoop neck, and a groovy matching head scarf. It fits up to a size 22. Of course, you want to get some classic go-go boots to match.
  • Although it’s a bit terrifying, the “plus disco Licious” two-piece suit is the 1970s club scene at its best. It’s a peach paisley psychedelic outfit with a bell-sleeved top and bell-bottom pants that are split to the knee. It comes with a similar neck scarf and fits in size 22.

1970s Patterns

  • Suppose you’re not looking for plus size 70s reproduction clothing that is absolutely exact to the period. In that case, you can find certain things easily, such as very flattering halter top dresses and jumpsuits. However, you want to be careful of an outfit that cuts you in the middle. Bell bottoms can be very flattering when worn with platform shoes as they lengthen your silhouette, but you want to pair them with a top of the same color if possible.
  • The one way to get a great disco outfit you know works for you is to make or have it. Unlike sewing patterns from the 1940s, those from the 1970s used sturdier paper. Clearer marks for cutting and darts, and were easier to follow overall. Additionally, many more of them are available.
  • Until recently, they were considered fairly undesirable, so the prices have traditionally been quite low. Most websites selling patterns will have a good selection of 1970s items. The challenge is finding one that is already plus size. However, if you find something you love, an experienced sewer will be able to size it so that you can finally have the 1970s outfit of your dreams.

70s Dresses for Women

One of the most standard styles for women was the wrap dress since women could easily move in it. Diane von Furstenberg arrived from Italy at age 26 with a suitcase full of knit wrap dresses, and they sold out instantly. The dress makes women look small as the large bows draw attention to the waistline. Originally designed as a top and skirt, the dress has a bias-cut skirt, solid cuffs, and a collar. Fueling the women’s liberation movement, it also featured a deep V-neckline. The dress remained a favorite through the 1970s, especially after Cybill Shepherd wore one she brought from home in Taxi Driver in 1975.

While the 1960s saw hemlines go up, the 1970s was the decade they fell to the ground in most cases. Towards the end of the decade, mid-calf dresses appeared. Manufacturers made long dresses from a mixture of cotton and polyester. Many had floral prints that took people back to the 1930s. Most dresses were lined with lace and had decorative lace surrounding them in various places on the skirt. Which often hung down from an empire waistline. Taking inspiration from menswear, most had exaggerated shoulders.

Women’s Curve & Plus Size

From date-night dresses to low-key looks, our edit of plus-size women’s clothing has something for every vibe. First, scroll the brand Yours for wardrobe staples that work all day, including plus-size jeans, black tees, and floral blouses, or level up your glam look with help from River Island Plus. Then, peek at that two-piece suit in metallic purple. It’s a major vibe. Still get smart (and snug) with plus-size sweat suits in classic black or beige, perfect for wearing out and about, too. And let’s not forget ASOS Curve, serving curve clothing in bright colors for some seriously good vibes.


70s fashion began with a continuation of the late 1960s hippie style. In the early 1970s, this emphasized handmade materials and decorations.

The 1970s were a decade when people were free to wear what they wanted to wear. Therefore, more so than in many decades, there were many different looks, each with its staples. When you look at an old photo, you can often estimate the date and tell a lot about the person’s lifestyle when you learn to recognize these staples. If you are getting ready to go to a 1970s-themed party, you will want to know which pieces to wear.

While I have already covered many individual pieces by early, mid, and late-decade looks. This chapter will help you understand how to put pieces together to create a specific look.

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